April 28 - Los Aztex Balalaika, May 6 - Ivory Fantasy & Flamenco Passion
















vlady lawThe Law Office Of Elena Vlady - Русскоговорящий Адвокат

  • Иммиграционное право (Immigration Law) 
  • Трудовое право, Дискриминация (Employment Law)
  • Несчастные Случаи и Аварии (Personal Injury)
  • Налоговое право (Tax Law)  
  • Корпоративное и бизнес право (Business & Corporate Law)
  • Недвижимость (Real Estate Law)


Звоните в любое время по телефону: (512) 710-5652




Russian language private lessons for children are offered by teacher with 40+ years of public school and private tutoring experience. Please call or text Natalia at 772-834-2450



Borderless European Market

bemРусские, украинские, прибалтийские, польские товары

1934 Rutland Dr Austin, TX 78758

Часы работы:
понедельник-суббота с 11 утра до 8 вечера.
Воскресенье - 11 утра- 6 вечера

Mon-Sat 11am-8pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

(512) 537-1755


NEED: native Russian speakers for authentic audio recordings / ТРЕБУЮТСЯ НОСИТЕЛИ РУССКОГО ЯЗЫКА ДЛЯ АУДИОЗАПИСИ

Dear Russian speakers of Austin!!!

The Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies, along with the Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services, is seeking native Russian speakers for authentic audio recordings. My name is Heather Rice. I am directing the development of a new online Russian language class which will soon be offered through the University of Texas. We are currently collecting samples of native Russian speech to be used as potential course materials for listening exercises. If you are a native speaker of Russian and you are interested in sharing your unique skills for educational purposes, please contact me with any questions or to arrange a meeting time. All volunteers will need to be able to come to the University of Texas campus during normal business hours. We can reimburse for parking.

Здравствуйте! Мы приглашаем носителей русского языка поучаствовать в проекте Техасского университета. Меня зовут Хезер Райс. Я руководитель проекта. Мы с коллегами ищем добровольцев из русского общества, у которых мы бы могли записать настоящую русскую речь. Эти записи могут стать учебными материалами (например, аудированиe) для нового курса по русскому языку в UT. Для записей добровольцам нужно будет приехать в студию звукозаписи на кампусе. Заранее большое спасибо!

Heather Rice
Email: Phone: 281-636-9244
Address of my office in the Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services: 158 W. 21st Street, Mezes 2.302, B3500, Austin, TX 78712
I am the direct contact, but if anyone cannot reach me, they can contact the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies at: 512–471–3607.


Русскоязычный психолог - консультант по вопросам семьи, брака, детской психологии

Marina Litinsky, LPC

(512) 660-9443

Four Points Counseling
5450 Bee Cave Road, Unit 5C
Austin, TX 78746


Networking for experienced part-time, freelance Russian tutor


My name is Jennifer Johnson and I work for CARTUS (, an International relocation company.  

As part of our service, we offer relocating business professionals and their families language training sessions. I am currently working with customer learning Russian in Lago Vista and as a result I am trying to find a Russian language teacher in the area.   

I am looking for freelance, qualified language trainers who meet the following minimum requirements: 

  • Native or near native Russian speaker
  • Teaching qualifications
  • Minimum of 2 years teaching experience
  • Experience of teaching for both business and day-to-day language
  • One-to-one experience and group teaching desirable
  • Experience of teaching either adults only, or adults and children
  • Access to a computer and email  

All our training takes place either in our clients’ offices or at their homes, so a willingness to travel would be beneficial.  

We also offer reimbursement of teaching materials.   

If you are interested in freelance opportunities with us, please feel free to forward me a copy of your current CV or resume by email. Please also indicate your current hourly rate (60 minutes teaching) if you have one. Similarly, if you can think of anyone else that might be interested in these opportunities, please feel free to either forward my email onto them or alternatively pass their details onto me. 

Thanks and kind regards,  
Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson | Language Network Specialist Cartus 

40 Apple Ridge Rd, Danbury, CT  06810 USA  

Tel: +1 203 205 8809  |  Fax: +1 203 749 8593


Oksana West - Русско-говорящий Агент по недвижимости
Покупка, продажа, аренда, перефинансирование

My extensive knowledge of the Austin area and my passion for the Real Estate industry makes me a qualified professional who will represent your best interest in a transaction - whether you are considering to Buy, Sell, or Invest. I am multilingual and am fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. In 2015 I made a Top 40 JBGoodwin Agents list for the Austin area.

Со мной Вы сможете покупать и продавать недвижимость с уверенностью, которая приходит только в процессе работы с надёжным, квалифицированным специалистом.

За помощью обращайтесь к Oksana West 512.784.6741,






В Русский Дом требуется официант/официантка говорящие на Русском, на выходные, не на полную ставку ! Ждем вас в нашем дружном и профессиональном коллективе.

Пожалуйста высылайте вашу контактную информацию на или звоните на тел +1 347 8400093

Russian lessons in Austin and via Skype

Experienced Russian teacher offers summer classes for children and adults who want to learn the Russian language.

College and students of Slavic and Eurasian Studies are also very welcome.

For children I have a Russian immersion program combined with elementary education level taught in public schools.

Courses for adults will depend of their language level and individual wishes.

For more information you can go to my web site:



Dear Friends !

Russian House NaZdorovye is in need of hostesses and cashiers for our retail store which will be opening this week !

Please feel free to email us on or call 512 4285442


Русско-говорящая няня ищет работу на полный рабочий или неполный раб. день. Имею опыт работы с детьми от 3 месяц до 10 лет. Могу работать у вас на дому или у себя дома. Оплата почасовая.

Контактный телефон 512-293-2095 или (Екатерина Салата)

Look for a Russian person interested in teaching Russian to babies and children.


  • Born and raised in Russia
  • Have Russian as a first language
  • Have a working permit
  • That you enjoy being with children

Contact: Cristina Giacoman


Нужны хорошие, вежливые ребята на постоянную работу в компании занимающейся местными переездами (в основном по Austin). Компания быстро растёт, нужны водители, грузчики, бригадиры. Хорошая плата, приятное отношение, чаевые, футболки, бонусы, и вообще все дела =) Мы ценим хороших людей.

Звоните Лизе 512-212-7833 с 9:00 до 18:00 по будням, 10:00-16:00 в субботу.


Дорогие Друзья!

Мы очень рады сообщить, что совсем скоро откроется Первый Русский Ресторан в Остине!

Рассматриваем вакансии по следующим позициям:

  1. Повара со знанием Русской/Узбекской/Украинской......СССР кухни
  2. Помощники поваров, со знанием СССР кухни, желательно с опытом
  3. Кондитер, основная задача выпечка мучных изделий (пирожки, чебуреки, блины....)
  4. Человек для работы на мангале
  5. Официанты/бармены/продавцы (люди, умеющие создавать вокруг себя хорошую атмосферу)
  6. Певцы/Танцоры

Пожалуйста высылайте вашу контактную информацию на или звоните на тел +1 347 8400093

Dear Friends!

We are thrilled to announce that the First Russian Restaurant in Austin is coming very soon.

We are currently seeking positions:

  1. Cooks with knowledge of Russian/Uzbek/Ukrainian cuisine.....USSR cuisine
  2. Assistants of cooks with knowledge of USSR cuisine, preferably with experience
  3. Baker (pirozhki, chebureki, blini)
  4. Person who could grill
  5. Waiters/Barmen/Salesperson
  6. Singers/Entertainers

Please feel free to contact us via our company email: or
call us +1 347 8400093


Русские лекарства в Америке
Широкий выбор натуральных лекарственных препаратов, фито чаев, настоек, мазей, косметики из России, Украины.


Приготовлю на заказ пельмени, пироги, пирожки, ватрушки, селедку под шубой, салат "Оливье", сациви,фаршированные перцы, плов,борщ, щи и все что захотите!
Любые рецепты русской, кавказской, украинской, европейской кухни.
Для семейных обедов и банкетов.
Качественно и вкусно, из самых свежих продуктов.
Срок исполнения на следующий день.Доставка.
Мой телефон (512)542 12 35


Елена Бородецкая, логопед с большим опытом работы в медицинских и учебных заведениях С.-Петербурга и Израиля проводит индивидуальные и групповые занятия по:

  • развитию речи;
  • постановке и коррекции звуков;
  • заиканию.

Занятия проводятся с использованием современных методик с детьми от трёх лет, подростками и взрослыми индивидуально и в группах.



Русская школа при Русскоговорящем Обществе города Остина набирает детей от 5 лет на новый семетр. Мы учим русскому языку любого уровня, проводим занятия с логопедом, а также учим рисованию, танцам и ставим театральные постановки нацеленные на развитие русского языка. Если вы хотите чтобы Ваш ребенок занимался русским языком в группе сверстников, или хотели бы преподавать, пишите Галине Аглямовой по адресу

Russian School under Russian Speaker Society of Austin is starting enrollment for new semester kids 5+ years. We teach all levels of Russian language, Speech development, Drawing, Dance and Theater. If you wish your child learn Russian language in group of peers or considering teaching in our classes, please contact Galina Aglyamova at

Мы печатаем частные и рекламные объявления за небольшую плату. По поводу рекламы связывайтесь с Людой Восковой по телефону 512-442-4016 или по емайлу

Да! Ваше частное объявление может быть опубликовано на этом вебсайте! Стоимость небольшого частного объявления - всего $5. Вам это по карману.

Да! Вы можете разместить информацию о своем бизнесе на этом сайте. Связывайтесь с Людой Восковой по телефону 512-442-4016 или по емайлу

Да! Стоимость рекламного или частного объявления в газете зависит от размера. Все вопросы - к Люде Восковой по телефону 512-442-4016 или по емайлу

Нет! Эти деньги не идут на наши зарплаты. В обществе работают волонтиры. Небольшая плата за частные объявления предназначена для покрытия расходов на доменное имя и хостинг сайта.

Ответственность за содержание рекламы несет рекламодатель.

Объявления о концертах и культурных событиях, связанных с русскоязычной общиной или интересных для нашей аудитории, публикуются бесплатно.

Да! Мы готовы обменяться ссылками с сайтами русскоязычных общин, культурных центров или других интересных для нашей аудитории некоммерческих организаций. Пишите

You will place Your classified here! Contact us.


vMusical Connections present:

Los Aztex Balalaika
April 28, 2017, at 7:00 p.m.

Scottish Rite Theatre, 207 W 18th St, Austin, TX 78701


Joel Guzman
Having grown up in a musical family and playing accordion all of his life, Joel realized that the accordion had no limits. Born into a dual identity, both Mexican and American, Joel continues to merge both cultures into his accordion style. "I may play a box, but I don't want to be put in one" testifies 2-time Grammy award winner Joel Guzman. One blogger at called Guzman “probably the best three-row diatonic player in the country,” and added, “he can play anything from traditional conjunto to jazz and beyond".  Guzman, a child accordion prodigy, was given title "El Pequeno Gigante" by his peers. Guzman has long been known to his peers as the most versatile and virtuoso accordionist in Texas.

Sarah Fox is the main songwriter and driving vocal behind Latin Rock outfit Los Aztex. With a Mexican mother and a Cuban father, Sarah was exposed to the best of several worlds including top artists in salsa, ranchera, blues, as well as jazz music. In 1999, Sarah joined Los Super Seven (RCA/Nashville) as a guest vocalist. The Mexican Roots CD received a Grammy for best Mexican-American album. She quickly followed with "Short Stories" (Hightone Records), and Latinology (GFR). Both projects mixed folk and jazz creating an excellent fusion of tropical rhythm and roots music. 

Joel Gabriel made his professional music debut at the 30th Annual Conjunto Festival in San Antonio,TX. at the age of 14. The young apprentice is perhaps best known for his work with the award-winning group Los Aztex. His skills as a guitarist and accordionist have landed him on stage with some of the best in the business. Musically trained by his father, Joel Gabriel began performing professionally in his mid teens. After taking up guitar he was soon putting his skills to use as an accompanist, culminating with performances with Los Aztex at Le Gran Soufflet in Rennes,FR, Pueblo Fest, Tulare,CA, and many summer festival stages from Texas to Louisiana.

The Flying Balalaika Brothers, ated by two Russian musicians, combines classical training with folk traditions. This group features vocalist Zhenya Rock on balalaika, accordion, guitar, and banjo; Sergey Vashchenko on balalaika, bass, accordion. They will also play original music by Zhenya Rock, composer.

Tickets (at the door):
•           Adults: $20
•           Seniors and Students: $10
•           Students and children under 12: free
Advance tickets online:

This performance is made possible with support from the City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Division, the Texas Commission on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Artsand Great Promise for American Indians. 

To learn about upcoming shows or to obtain interviews or reviews, contact Sergey Vashchenko at balalaika@sbcglobal.netor at (512) 656-6865.

Russian Speakers Societycity of austinTCAnational endowment for the artsMusical Connections
gpai ph mbUT


nNina McIntire & Musical Connections present:

Flamenco Passion & Ivory Fantasy: Nina McIntire & Yolanda G. Sobrado
May 6, 2017, at 7:00 p.m.

Scottish Rite Theater
207 W 18th St. Austin, TX 78701


Only One Concert in Austin!

Nina McIntire (Russia/Germany) and Yolanda Sobrado (Spain): These two internationally renowned artists invite you to a fascinating journey through the musical world - gliding through rhythms, melodies and dance - an ethereal bouquet of sound, light and movement. Embraced with Spanish flair the “Ivory Fantasy & Flamenco Passion” show was first presented in Europe.

Yolanda Sobrado is one of the world’s best flamenco dancers. Born in Santander Spain, she studied dance at the prestigious Armengou Dance Center and the Royal Conservatory of Dramatic Art & Dance. She danced at the Ballet Nacional de Espana in Madrid, Ballet de Antonio Gades and she was a Star-Solo-Dancer at one of the most successful show productions in the world -’Riverdance’, Ireland. Today Yolanda continues her artistic career as a dancer and choreographer and conveying her experience at Master Classes.

Nina McIntire completed her degree in Master of Fine Arts at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and at first had a career as a classical concert violinist performing around the world with Solo Concerts, Chamber Music and Symphony Orchestras. Recently, Nina has been very active on the international music scene as a composer and pianist, presenting her latest project “Ivory Fantasy” - a fascinating combination of classical music and her original modern style  compositions blended with her vivid and colorful visuals. Emphasizing humanistic and environmental aspects, in her artistic mission Nina celebrates the beauty of the world and the wholeness of the diversity of the world's unique cultures.

The historic Scottish Rite Theater, built in 1871, is Austin’s first and oldest venue. The theater's marvelous reception area and elegant lobbies encourage socializing. With tea, pastries and wine tasting you can enjoy your time with friends and other concert visitors. After the concert you are welcome to share your impressions with the artists and get your CD signed. 

The door is open from 6:15 PM.

One of Nina and Yolanda’s creations can be seen in the music video: "Viva Espana! - Nina - Ivory Fantasy”

Please note, seats are limited to 300. Reserve your tickets early.
Tickets at the door (cash only) and online:

TUCKETS: Adults: $25 / Students: $15 / Children under 12: free


The City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Division, the Musical Connectionsthe Russian Speakers' Society of Austin and the Scottish Rite Theater have all helped make this event possible. Please join us! 


Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church

Fr. Aidan may be contacted at Those who need a baptism, wedding, or funeral/memorial service should contact him by email as well as by phone, so as to ensure the fastest response.

Services are in English with some Russian, in the Russian traditions. For a detailed calendar of services, click here.

Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church
(512) 915-0667

Sunday Liturgy 9:30 a.m.