February 16 -Concert style musical evening "A dream again, enchanting and sweet one", March 30 - Of Love and Passion: Three Generations of Great Russian Composers Art Songs, Instrumental Music, and Rachmaninoffs Opera Aleko













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Our Authors

We are happy to present our authors who took part in the Literary-musical cafe.

Gregory Dikshtein, singer-songwriter

Many of you who are familiar with Russian bard songs, an intelligent and most sincere direction of Russian underground culture developed in the early 1960s, certainly know Gregory Dikshteins name. His songs have been spread in every Russian speaking community all over the world and even translated into other languages. His songs crossed the boarders of the Soviet Union much earlier then the author himself had a chance to do so. His songs were published in Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Israel, and U.S.A. His published discs and books helped people to get to know him better. He was invited to Israel, Germany, Frances, Ukraine, all the countries of the former Soviet Union, and France were successfully performed various concert programs. During the last fifteen years Russian speaking Americans gathered to listen to him in many different cities in America. He performed at over one hundred concerts throughout America and he had hundreds of programs broadcasted on the Russian radios all over the world! English-speaking listeners also had a few chances to familiarize themselves with the songs of a Great Russian songwriter and performer, all in-one, Gregory Dikshtein. Northwestern University, University of Wisconsin in Madison, Stanford University, Hartford University, Michigan University, and University of Illinois have organized his concerts and enjoyed his performances.

Gregory Dikshtein took part in 14th Literary-musical Cafe

 Alex Kiskachi

Alex Kiskachi, a musician, singer and songwriter, is well known not only in his hometown, but also far beyond the Southern California scene where he regularly performs with his band or solo unplugged. After successful tours throughout the both coasts and Midwest, he comes to Texas for the first time.

Alexs music fuses gloom yet self-irony and raunchiness of blues, drive and madcapping of rock-n-roll, pure emotion of latin rhythms. His lyrics are deeply metaphorical and filled with wordplay and symbolism, yet follow the best traditions of Russian poetic heritage. His musical influences encompass a wide range of seemingly eclectic sources: from the early 20th century Russian chansonnier Alexander Vertinsky to legendary Russian rock bands Aquarium and Auktyon, from Paul Simon to Tom Waits. Heres what Alex says about his shows: Concerto for winds, strings and freaky voices. Music for emotional men with a sense of rhythm. Lyrics for intelligent women with a sense of humor.

A lot of outstanding musicians have played and currently play in his band. In the current tour, Alex Kiskachi will be joined by Leo Chelyapov, a well-known saxophone and clarinet player and a former member of legendary Russian bands Brigada S and Bravo. He is currently a leader of the Los Angeles-based klezmer orchestra Kings of Klezmer. Alexander Kuznetsov, a talented Austin musician, will also perform at the concert (bass).

Alex Kiskachis albums:
Chronicle (2002)
Unfaithful Syncopations (2005)

Alex Kiskachis website:
The tour info:
Kings of Klezmer:

"We give Alexey Kiskachi's Chronicle three thumbs up" - Los Cabanos Times

"Magnifique!" - Le Monde Russe

Alex will take part at 13th evening of "Literary-musical cafe ".

Igor Irteniev

Igor Irteniev is relatively "famous" he is a political satirist and writes poetry. He has published books and used to appear on TV reciting his satirical poetry.

Igor, a truly unique figure in contemporary Russian culture. Taking on a gamut of parts -- from a 1970's underground artist to a 1990's political commentator and "voice of the people", Irteniev is a poet whose sharp satirical verses brilliantly reflect (and influence) the mindset of contemporary Russia or, at least, that of the culture-oriented part of its population.

Igor took part at 12th evening of "Literary-musical cafe ".

Information about Irteniev (Russian only):

Aleksandr Tsiboulski

Aleksandr Tsiboulski

Aleksandr Tsiboulski was born in 1979 in Rovno (now 'Rivne'), Ukraine, and began his music studies at age twelve, shortly after moving to Adelaide, South Australia. At seventeen, he moved to Canberra to continue his studies with Timothy Kain at the Australian National University, where he received his undergraduate training. Further private studies took him to Angelo Gilardino in Italy, Caro Barone in Paris and David Leisner in New York. Aleksandr is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, most notably the Australian-American Fulbright Award in the Visual and Performing Arts, as well as a First Prize at the Tokyo International Guitar Competition. Currently, he is pursuing graduate studies in music at the University of Texas at Austin, studying guitar with Prof. Adam Holzman.

Aleksandr took part at 9th evening of "Literary-musical cafe ".

Vocal Quartet "Credo"

Irina Grinberg soprano, director.
Born in Nizhniy Novgorod. Musical training at the Nizhniy Novgorod Musical College. Later she studied choral conducting under professor D. N. Ardentov at the Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg. While a student in the Academy, Irina started performing choral works with the Saint-Petersburg Chamber chorus under N. N. Kornevs management. In 2000 she organized the vocal ensemble Credo which she directs to this day.

Marina Chihacheva mezzo-soprano.
Born in Saint-Petersburg. Marina finished college at the Saint-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory. She started her concert career as a soloist with one of city ensembles. Marina first encountered the art of choral singing in chamber chorus Rossika. At the present time she sings in the chorus of the Fiodorovskiy Cathedral in Tsarskoe Selo. Since the organization of Credo she has been the unchanging mezzo-soprano of the ensemble.

Artem Polikarpov tenor.
Born in Borovichi (region of Velikiy Novgorod). Studied guitar at Novgorod School of the Arts, and studied composing at Saint-Petersburg Conservatory under S. M. Slonimskiy. While a student at the Novgorod School of the Arts, he began serious vocal training and concert activity with the Novgorod Academic Chorus. To date Artem has worked with many choral groups of Saint-Petersburg. He composes choral music and does a lot of arranging and transposition work for Credo. He has been in the ensemble since 2006.

Yan Largin bass, art director.
Born in Saint-Petersburg. Trained as a conductor with professor V. K. Baranov at the M. I. Glinka Choral School at the Academic Chapel. Later, he earned a diploma in choral conducting from the St. Petersburg Conservatory. His active musical life began within the precincts of the Conservatory. Yan has toured with choral groups in Europe and Asia. He has been singing with Credo since 2004.

Credo took part at 8th evening of "Literary-musical cafe ".

This program funded in part by the City of Austin Cultural Contracts and by the Texas Commission on the Arts.


Igor BeliySong-writer and singer Igor Beliy

He is a talented and artistic young man. His performances are bedazzling and breathtaking. He is a participant of the most controversial creative union. He is a mocker and philosopher, whose song you want to listen to over and over again.
Igor Belyi's songs are the unique offspring of the bard song medium into the generation of 20-year olds. This generation has its own points of reference and interests. In Belyi's songs one can hear some spicy jive that young people would feel required for it not to be boring, and a touch of philosophy for those lovers of serious literature.
Igor Belyi is very artistic, and his every song is a show in itself. One can't help but imitate him in bugling out the eyes, turning if the body, shaking of the head in culmination moments of his singing. In addition to the funky contents of his songs, it creates a truly awesome performance.

Igor took part at 7th evening of "Literary-musical cafe ".


Matthew HinsleyMatthew Hinsley

Always singing in one form or another, by age six Matthew Hinsley also read music on piano, violin and cello. He was ten when he began studying classical guitar. For him, the guitar held magical power and determined the direction of his life. A member of the guitar faculty of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Matthew obtained his Bachelor of Music from Oberlin at age 20, and his Master of Music two years later from the University of Texas at Austin, where he also completed his Doctor of Musical Arts in 2003.
Matthew's primary guitar instructors were Stephen Aron and Adam Holzman. A recipient of numerous performance based awards, and an active performer, he regularly gives concerts throughout the United States. Matthew has received many foundation grants and significant private donations to run concert series of international performing artists as well as extensive community outreach programs. In 2000 he won the Music Teacher's National Association, Gibson Collegiate. Artist Guitar Competition and won Second Prize in the American String Teacher's Association National Solo String Competition.

Matthew took part at 6th evening of "Literary-musical cafe ".


Aleksej Ignastchenko

Alexey Ignatchenko

Alexey Ignatchenko is our guest presenter from Longview. Person with a wide range of interests, chemist, traveler, writer, Alexey took part in numerous expeditions to restore wooden churches in the Russian North. Photographs and experiences from the expeditions form the basis of his presentation.

Alexey took part at 5th, 9th and 10th evening of "Literary-musical cafe ".

Juan Enriquez Rohen

Juan Enriquez Rohen

Born in Mexico City in 1971, holds a Bachelor of Music in composition from Trinity University and a Masters degree from the University of Houstons Moores School of Music. Juans music has been played in several major theaters in Mexico City and Queretaro City. Currently, he is finishing Alenka, a Piano & Strings concerto in five movements for the Zacatecas String Orchestra as well as a trio for Flute, Viola and guitar for the 'Composer'sAlliance of San Antonio'. His music is fine, simple and beautiful. A combination of Platonic dreams and Aristothelic rationality.

Juan took part at 5th evening of "Literary-musical cafe ".


Ekaterina Turikova

Ekaterina Turikova is a young journalist, web designer and writer.
She moved to the USA from St-Petersburg few years ago. E. Turikovas fairy tales and poetry appeared both on the internet and in paper publications.
You can read her works at or

Ekaterina took part at 4th evening of "Literary-musical cafe".

Contact:, (design), (tales, pictures).

Yevgeny Sharlat

Yevgeniy Sharlat

Yevgeniy Sharlat is a Visiting Professor at the University of Texas at Austin teaching music composition and orchestration. A native of Moscow, he received his music education at Yale University, Curtis Institute, the Juilliard School and the Academy of Moscow Conservatory.

Yevgeniy took part at 4th evening of "Literary-musical cafe".

Asele Surina

Asele Surina




Asele took part at 3th evening of "Literary-musical cafe".

Anna Pits

Anna Pits





Anna took part at 1th and 3th evenings of "Literary-musical cafe".

Mikhail Pekker

Mikhail Pekker

Mikhail Pekker was born in Kiev, Ukraine. After graduation the
Novosibirsk State University, he worked at the Novosibirsk Institute of Nuclear Physics. Since 1993, Dr. M. Pekker has worked at the University of Texas at Austin.
Mikhail Pekker is one of the editor Russian literature and art journal "Leaves" (List'ya).

Mikhail took part at 2th evening of "Literary-musical cafe".


Yuriy Braginsky





Yury took part at 2th evening of "Literary-musical cafe".

Ruby Jons

Ruby Jones

Ruby Jones




Ruby took part at 2th evening of "Literary-musical cafe".

Rodion Burzev




Rodion took part at 1th and 2th evening of "Literary-musical cafe".

Natasha Babina

Natasha took part at 2th evening of "Literary-musical cafe".


Oksana Sergievo-Posadskaya





Oksana took part at 1th evening of "Literary-musical cafe".



nThe Russian Speakers Society is proud to present

A dream again, enchanting and sweet one

February 16, Satuday, 7 pm

Scottish Rite Theatre, 207 W 18th St, Austin, TX 78701

The Russian Speakers Society is proud to present, for the first time in Austin - the Russian Houston Theater! The Theater's production - A dream again, enchanting and sweet one is the concert style program composed of the poetry and prose by the famous Russian writer Ivan Bunin. Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin (1870-1953) was the first Russian writer awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature (1933). He was noted for the strict artistry with which he carried on the classical Russian traditions in the writing of prose and poetry. Bunins work is known to have a lot in common with the traditions of classical Russian literature of the 19th century, of which his older contemporaries Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov were models.

The composition A dream again, enchanting and sweet one was performed first in Houston, Texas in 2017. It includes the finest examples of Bunins poetry and two of his most famous short stories: In Paris and Dark Alleys converted into stage mini-plays. The background of the composition is the music by L. Beethoven, F. Chopin, I. Schwartz, songs and romances using the lyrics by Bunin himself and also by A. Pushkin and B. Okudghava.

After Intermission, you will be invited to a Musical Reception to listen more songs and enjoy hot tea and pasties in Russian style. Our Houston guests will perform a few songs written by amateur songwriters from the program dedicated to St. Petersburg: Oh, my elusive city .... (, .). That includes lyrics by I. Annenskiy, B. Akhmadullina, A. Gorodnitsky and others.


Tickets (at the door):
Adults: $20
Seniors and Students: $10
Students and children under 12: free

Free parking lotis immediately to the east of the theater, at 18th and Colorado.
Wheelchair accessible.

This project is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division and by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts and an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

For more information, contact Luda Voskov at (512) 577-7790 or e-mail

Russian Speakers Societycity of austinTCAnational endowment for the artsMusical Connections

The Russian Speakers Society presents:

Of Love and Passion: Three Generations of Great Russian Composers Art Songs, Instrumental Music, and Rachmaninoffs Opera Aleko

Saturday, March 30, 7:00 P.M.

Scottish Rite Theater, 207 W. 18th Street, Austin, TX 78701

The Russian Speakers Society proudly presents this unique concert. Part I will feature (for the first time in Austin) a Concert performance of Rachmaninoffs one-act opera Aleko, based on the poem The Gypsies by Alexander Pushkin. Soloists Nikita Storozhev, Mikhail Smigelski, Isabella Dolande, Evgeny Kozyrenko, Heather Lewis and chorus will be accompanied by pianist Tatiana Storozheva. English language translation will be provided. After the intermission, the audience will be invited to the Part II of the concert to enjoy various vocal and instrumental masterpieces by three generations of celebrated Russian composers: from Alyabyev and Glinka to Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev.

This performance is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Tickets (at the door):
Adults: $20
Seniors and Students: $10
Students and children under 12: free

Free parking lotis immediately to the east of the theater, at 18th and Colorado.
Wheelchair accessible.

For more information, contact Luda Voskov at (512) 577-7790 or e-mail

Russian Speakers Societycity of austinTCAnational endowment for the artsMusical Connections


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