February 28 - concert of Nikita Storojev, March 8 - 15th Russian Spring fest, March 14 - James Dick, piano












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Welcome to the Russian Speakers' Society of Austin!

The Society was created for Austinites and visitors of Austin who come from the former Soviet Union as well as for anybody who has interest in this area of the world.

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sSaturday, February 28, 4pm

Nikita Storojev & his students:

to 175th annyversary of Tchaikovsky's birth

Program: arias and art songs

Jessen Auditorium

Free Admission

vSunday, March 8, 4pm

The 15th Russian Spring Fest
Via Romen and Flying Balalaika Brothers

Unity Church of The Hills
9905 Anderson Mill Rd., Austin, TX 78750

The Russian Speakers Society presents a concert featuring two outstanding groups: Via Romen and the Flying Balalaika Brothers.

The Via Romen ensemble, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, presents music and dances which are rooted in the Russian-Romany tradition. Their music and dance repertoire originates in Eastern and Western Europe and is enriched by jazz, Jewish, and Latino styles. Via Romen enchants audiences with intricate improvisations, catchy tunes, and flashy footwork. Despite being rooted in a Russian-Romani tradition, their music is modern, innovative, and fresh. Via Romen will perform as a Trio of virtuoso musicians - Vadim Kolpakov with violinist Arcadiy Gips and fabulous singer Evgenia Zolotariova. Two of the band members, Vadim and Arkadiy, were part of the Madonnas Sticky & Sweet 2008/2009 tour as part of the Kolpakov Trio.

The Flying Balalaika Brothers originally were comprised of two virtuoso native Russian musicians whose combined classical training with folk traditions created a unique sound. They later brought in American musicians to enhance the band. The Flying Balalaika Brothers first established themselves at small festivals such as the Gilroy Festival, Sawdust Festival, Valencia Street Market, Pecan Street Festival, Music Under the Stars, and the Kerrville Folk Festival. They now perform in concert halls around the nation. This group features vocalist Zhenya Rock, balalaika, accordion, guitar, and banjo; Sergey Vashchenko, balalaika, bass, accordion; Aaryn Russell, guitar and bass balalaika; and Derek Hansen, drums.

Both of these groups perform out of a love for traditional music and classical elegance. Join us for an innovative and exciting performance.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin's future. Visit Austin at

Tickets: Adults - $20; Seniors and students - $10; Children under 12 FREE


Infromation: 512-335-4449

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Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 3:00 pm

James Dick Solo Piano Concert

Round Top Festival Institute,248 Jaster Road, Round Top, Texas.

James Dick, Founder and Artistic Director of Round Top Festival Institute, will perform a Solo Piano Concert on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 3:00 pm in the Festival Concert Hall. The program includes works by Menotti, Beethoven, Poulenc and Ginastera.

Recognized as one of the truly important pianists of his generation, Steinway artist James Dick has brought to life the works of classical composers for audiences from New York Carnegie Hall to Academic Capelle in St. Petersburg, Russia. His playing melds modern-day energy and technique with an Old World graciousness and civility, resulting in a passionate sound that keeps audiences engrossed.

Tickets: online, or by calling the office. Adults $30, students $10. Doors open at 2:00 pm, general seating. Reserve early.

Office/Information: 979-249-3129


Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church

Fr. Aidan may be contacted at Those who need a baptism, wedding, or funeral/memorial service should contact him by email as well as by phone, so as to ensure the fastest response.

Services are in English with some Russian, in the Russian traditions. For a detailed calendar of services, click here.

Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church
(512) 696-6890




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We are looking for a nanny for 19 month-old twins, to start as soon as possible. Help is needed for regular business hours (8am-5pm) Monday-Friday. If interested, please, email to



Advita Fund USA was founded in October 2007 (tax ID: 26-1300404).

Patients in Russia and the former Soviet Union face unique challenges:

  • lack of national bone marrow donor registry;
  • bureaucratic red tape that families have to struggle with to obtain governments treatment quotas;
  • lack of supporting medications that have to be purchased privately;
  • high cost of imported equipment and medications, and
  • inadequate federal financing of healthcare

As a result, thousands of children remain untreated, receive inadequate care, or run out of money long before the treatment is completed. While close to 80% of children with cancer are cured in the West, only 50% survive in Russian hospitals. We strive to close this gap.
Your donations are used to pay for bone marrow transplants, cancer drugs and supporting medications, and other necessary medical procedures.
The fund is staffed by volunteers only.
Thank you for your kindness!

Advita Fund USA is a volunteer-run organization - it means we pay no salaries to our staff and incur only minimal administrative expenses, so that most of the money we raise goes to patients we support.

You can make the donation at the ADVITA website